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Andrew, Leader

The Camps Tasmania team just radiate positivity! Working with such dedicated, welcoming and enthusiastic people makes the whole experience incredible. Having the opportunity to give back to the community, hang out a with an awesome group of campers and host the best week of fun-filled madness is my favourite part of summer!


Fayth, Camper

Camps Tasmania is like no other around! While at camp you are treated to the best camp experiences without having to leave our amazing little state! Being at camp is the perfect way to get out of your shell and meet new people


Ryan, Camper

This was the second Camp I've been on these holidays and one of the best! I feel like I have made life long friends that i'm hoping to keep in contact with and make stronger friendships with. I loved every moment of this camp.

Callum, Camper

The first camp I've been on, and what I have to say is that; the week that I have spent, will be one of the best of my life. I felt like I fitted in and I was treated as an equal, making friendships that I will remember for a very long time and moments that I will cherish forever. I felt like I was at ease and at home, a home that was unlike my home, but a home I felt I belonged in.

Thank you to all the Leaders, Campers, Friends and Family and the Rotary Club for making this week possible

Michelle, Parent

Bradley & Cameron attended the 2017, 2018 and 2019 camps and love every minute. It's very well organised with great leaders who were kind and supportive, each with different skills to share. There's a huge array of activities so it's tailored to suit individual interests. As a nervous parent sending my kids I could not have been happier with the outcome. It's great to see and hear how much they enjoy camp. They made so many new friends that they are now in contact with. Thankyou so much Natalie and your wonderful team. The boys and I look forward to future camps.

Laura, Leader

Being at camp is a home away from home for me. It’s given me leadership experience and long lasting memories. The camp community is so welcoming and I enjoy every second at camp.

Such great camps. My kids loved the 2020 summer camp and my daughter recently went on the Glow Girls camp. She had a ball, the camp leaders are excellent, it's a very safe and nurturing environment with a great activities program. My kids have begged to go on future camps with Camps Tasmania.

Natasha, Parent

A big thanks to all the team especially Natalie and Josh for all the extra prep you put in to having my son at Camp 2017-2019 to accommodate him being there. My son loved all the activities and wears his different tie-dyed tops alternating everyday.

Again, thanks to all and well done!

Evonne, Parent

This was the first camp I'd been on and won't be the last! It was such great fun with so many great people, we all had a great friendship with all the leaders. I loved it thank you all!

Raigan, Camper

My daughter attended the camp for the first time this summer. She had a fantastic time and met a bunch of great people. Thanks Camps Tasmania.

Le, Parent

Our camper loved it, thank so much to all the fabulous leaders and everyone involved in putting this great camp together.

Jodie, Parent

We will be back!!!

Karen, Parent

Thank you for making such a positive impact on our little girl/young woman. She had a ball!!

Rebecca, Parent

Working with camps Tasmania is a truly incredible experience! It's helped me grow my skills as a leader while at the same time having the most fun week of my life! Everyone I've worked with have been so supportive and welcoming and the experiences you have with the campers stay with you for a long time!

Tim, Leader

 Such a well organised camp with lovely mentors for our kids. My daughter loves it immensely, tears every time she come home, she can’t wait till the next one!

Thank You! I booked this camp without even telling my 13yr old daughter and once she found out about it we agreed not to speak of it. Being dropped off she was very nervous but what can I say - Wow! She came back upbeat, motivated and having loved the 5 day experience. She has very seriously advised us that if it's available next year for 2 weeks she's staying the entire time! Couldn't recommend what you're doing more highly. Thank you. ☺

Jo, Parent

Carmel, Parent

This was the first camp I'd been on and won't be the last! It was such great fun with so many great people, we all had a great friendship with all the leaders. I loved it thank you all!

Raigan, Camper

One of the best weeks of my life. All of the campers were amazing, and it was a pleasure to get to know you all!

Josh, Leader

If there was another 8 stars, they would all be filled. This was the best week of my life!! I cannot recommend enough how much you should all come to the next one!!

Timothy, Camper

Camp is such an amazing experience, it provides a safe and welcoming environment for people to be who they are and do what they do, free of judgement with a whole lot of fun and laughter along the way. It truly is the most incredible experience that everyone should enjoy.

Dom, Leader

I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to have some fun and wants to meet new people!!

Megan, Camper

What a amazing camp !
Breanna had so much fun !
Can't thank you all enough for all your hard work you have put into this years camp !
Breanna is already keen to come back next year !

Leanne, Parent

Being a leader at Camp is one of my all-time favourite experiences! I love getting the chance to have so much fun with all of the campers in a really positive, and supportive environment. I’m so greatful to be a part of the Camp Community and their amazing adventures!

Amy, Leader

Very very impressed with this opportunity provided for youth! Well run, great balance in activities promoting friendship, fun, creativity, action & rest! Great food & comfy accom. Well done to the leaders!


Holly loved it! She wasn't even in the car when she asked to go to the next one.

Rebecca, Parent

My daughter had a great time. The leaders were lovely and vey supportive.

Kylie, Parent

Best Camp I have EVER been on and I can't wait for the next one!!

Anya, Camper