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Holiday Camps

At Camp you are given the opportunity to be whoever you are in a safe and welcoming environment. We are like one big family. Camp gives you the chance to try new things; Tie-Dye, Watercolour and maybe even Volleyball just to name a few. As well as make new friendships, develop your confidence, believe in yourself a little more and have some good ol' plain fun.


Sleepover Camps also brings the opportunities for Campers to build self-confidence in taking the first step towards independence, with our leaders always on hand to ensure every has a safe and happy time.

With a focus on disconnecting from technology and reconnecting with the world around us at Camp, enjoying the outdoors, staying active, encouraging everyone to be part of the adventure.


It'll be an experience they'll be talking about of years to come!

Leadership Camps

Our Leadership Camp Program are really interactive and engaging offering the opportunity to develop communication, leadership and teamwork skills along with helping to develop and boost self-confidence and belief.


We offer a wide range of interactive and fun activities to keep everyone engaged all camp long. This is not like any other Leadership Camp!

With a strong focus on developing communication, leadership and teamwork skills along with boosting self-confidence through engaging and interactive activities. These may include team games and challenges, volleyball, creative activities, Colour War and Campfire along with all the fun of our Camp Program!

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Glow is a Camp aimed at young girls to foster friendships/sisterhoods between the young ladies that join us.

Glow encourages our Campers to develop their self-confidence, independence, stay true to themselves, develop a positive self-image and find themselves.


With a very unique program, Glow offers an inclusive and welcoming environment that enhances our Campers values and self-worth.

Art Camps

Our Art Camps are full of creativity, imagination and hands on activities. It is a unique program that fosters individuals interests and exposes them to a wide variety of activities. Each camp will offer different activities and may include: baking, comic strip drawing, drama workshops, cartoon drawing, watercolour painting, acrylic painting, photography, clay modelling, collage, card creation, dance, macrame, singing and more.

It is a a fantastic program that offers the chance to initially develop or further progress creative skills and interest.

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