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Camps Tasmania offers programs for up to 40 Campers each session, aged between 9-19 years old. 

Campers attend Camps Tasmania for 2,3 and 5 days of activities depending on the program. A high number of Campers return year after year.

Camps Tasmania is an environment where campers can foster strong and meaningful friendships, no matter the time length or how many camps they have been with us.

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Winter School Holiday Camp

8-10th July: 10-12 y/o

11-13th July: 12-14 y/o

15-17th July: 14-17 y/o

Location: Paper Beach

Our classic school holiday Camp full of interactive and engaging activities; arts & crafts, sports, group games, team challenges, night activities & more!



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Glow Girls


20-22 August 2021

10-14 y/o


Location: Deviot

Glow encourages our Campers to develop their self-confidence, independence, stay true to themselves & develop a positive self-image.



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Arts Camp

October 2021

Our Art Camps are full of creativity, imagination and hands on activities. It is a unique program that fosters individuals interests and exposes them to a wide variety of activities.



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Young Leaders Camp: 15-18 y/o

2021 tbc October. 3 or 5 days

Our Leadership Camp Program are really interactive and engaging offering the opportunity to develop communication, leadership and teamwork skills along with helping to develop and boost self-confidence and belief.



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Summer Camp

5 days: ages: 12-16 

Jan 2022

Our original and most popular program!


At Camp you are given the opportunity to be whoever you are in a safe and welcoming environment. We are like one big family. Camp gives you the chance to try new things; Tie-Dye, Watercolour, outside sports and maybe even campfire & s'mores just to name a few.


Location: Paper Beach

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Summer Camp

3 days, ages: 10-14 and 14-17

Girl Camps- 3 days

An alternative for our Original Summer Camp! This program is great for new campers who want to try out Camp for the first time or campers who may be nervous about staying away from home for a week. Campers are welcome to sign up to our 3 & 5 day program.


Location: Paper Beach

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Summer Camp

3 day, ages: 9-12

Our Junior Summer Camp! Recently introduced and very sought after.

Junior Summer Camp is a great introduction into Camp! Full of fun, interactive & engaging activities, staying active and disconnecting from technology.


Location: Paper Beach

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Opening soon!
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Opening soon!
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It's very well organised with great leaders who were kind and supportive, each with different skills to share. There's a huge array of activities so it's tailored to suit individual interests. As a nervous parent sending my kids I could not have been happier with the outcome. It's great to see and hear how much they enjoy camp.

Michelle, Parent


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